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The Orthoptic Basic Science Videotape Series

The American Orthoptic Council In Cooperation with The American Association of Certified Orthoptists Proudly Presents: The Orthoptic Basic Science Lecture Series on DVD formerly on VHS Video. In addition to the DVD and manual there are 7 multiple choice quizzes which can be completed, one from each DVD chapter. Each quiz is worth 1 hour of AOC CE.

  • DVD and Manual can be purchased for $150.
  • DVD, Manual and 7 one credit quizzes can be purchased for $200.

Checks should be made payable to AOC. Please print out this FORM and mail it to the address below with the appropriate check amount.

Email Beckie Steffes
or write:
Att: American Orthoptic Council
The American Orthoptic Council, Inc.
3914 Nakoma Road
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 233-5383



Ocular Anatomy Susan Havertape, CO, DBO
Neuro Anatomy Kyle Arnoldi, CO, COMT
Oculomotor Physiology of the Eyes Jacque Frank, CO
Normal Binocular Physiology of the Eyes Judy Seaber, CO, PhD
Abnormal Binocular Physiology of the Eyes Judy Seaber, CO, PhD
Amblyopia Gail Morton, CO, COMT
Ocular Pharmacology Diana Shamis, CO, COMT, MHSE