The 51st Richard G. Scobee Memorial Lecturer


Virginia Karlsson, CO, COMT
Lowell, Massachusetts

2020:  Where are orthoptists going?
A photographic look at our past,
A sobering snapshot of our present,
And a novel glimpse of an optimistic future.
Monday, November 16 - 2:45 p.m. (Eastern time)
Online Presentation
As we remember Richard Scobee, I see the 2020 Scobee Lecture as a time to reflect on some of our past as well. I see science and the scientific process to be more important in our lives than ever. In a growing world where a very small percentage of people have a huge majority of the world’s wealth, inexpensive screening for amblyopia could make a meaningful difference. This presentation will introduce a screening technique for the world’s poorest children.
Where are orthoptists going? We are joining the other physician extenders who increase access to health care.