AACO Membership Dues 2022

Important! Update Your Information

Please review and update your profile information during the renewal cycle. When you update during this renewal process, it will be saved in the system for all future dues cycles and can be updated anytime throughout the year. The information we are collecting this year will be used by the membership team and administrative team for the following member benefits.

NEW! Public Directory

This year active members can opt in to a public directory. Anyone visiting the AACO website will be able to search this directory for a Certified Orthoptist. Only active members will have the opportunity to opt into this directory. 

The following information will be displayed in the public directory. 

  • Contact Name
  • Certification(s)
  • Institution or Practice Name
  • Office Address
  • Office Phone Number

Membership Directory

The membership directory is available under the ‘Members Only’ section of our website. Active, Associate, Student, Newly Certified, and Lifetime members are all included in this directory. You must opt in to be a part of this directory. 

 The following information will be displayed in the membership Only directory. 

  • Contact Name
  • Certification(s)
  • Institution or Practice Name
  • Office Address
  • Office Phone Number
  • Cell Number
  • Primary Email
  • Region
  • Membership Type (Active, Associate, Student, Newly Certified, Lifetime)

NEW! Listserv (E-List)

We will host a member only Listserv on our web platform starting in 2022.  Active, Associate, Newly Certified, Student, and Lifetime members will be added to the Listserv using your primary email address.  You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the emails you receive, or you can login to your profile and click on the ‘my features’ to change your subscription and notifications for E-lists. 

Journal of Binocular Vision and Ocular Motility (BVOM)

Please confirm your mailing address and primary email this year.  This information is used to mail you the BVOM and grant you access to the online version. 

Membership with the International Orthoptic Association (IOA)

Please confirm your primary email. This information is used to grant you access to the member only section of the IOA website.  IOA Members get congress registration discounts! 

Annual Dues

  • Dues are due by April 3, 2022
  • There is a $5 processing fee included in your dues fee this year.
  • If you feel the incorrect membership category is listed for you, please email me before processing your payment with any questions or concerns.
  • Payment online is the easiest way to renew your membership. Once submitted, your membership will be instantly updated in the system, with a receipt emailed directly to your inbox for your records. 
  • Late Fee: a $50 late fee will be assessed to payment submitted after April 3, 2022. If membership is not renewed by June 30, 2022, your membership may be suspended. 

Paying by Mail

If you prefer to pay by mail, please email me at [email protected].  You still need to login and update your profile information for the administration team.  Checks can be made out to the AACO.  Mail both your check and invoice to the AACO home office. The address is listed below. Payment must be received before April 3, 2022, to avoid the $50 late fee.

 Payment By Check:

  • Print off your invoice and include it with your check made payable to the AACO
  • Mail your invoice and check to the AACO home office 
  • NEW! Home Office Address: 8 Tanager Trail, The Woodlands, TX 77381 USA





AACO Delinquent Dues Policy

  • Dues are due April 3, 2022
  • Dues become delinquent April 3, 2022
  • If you remit your payment after April 3 and are an Active, or Associate member, then a late fee of an additional $50 will be imposed and is payable.
  • Members shall be dropped from active status if dues are not paid by June 30, 2022


For questions regarding membership, please contact:
Megan Evans AACO Membership Chair
[email protected]


For website or login issues, please contact the help desk 
[email protected] 


New! Contact Information for the AACO Home Office
8 Tanager Trail
The Woodlands, TX 77381
Text or Call: 281-939-5332
[email protected]


 2022 AACO Member Benefits