Orthoptist - COA

Job Summary:
The successful Orthoptist will contribute to the fulfillment of the Eye Center’s mission statement by quality patient care and technical support of a Doctor/Technician team with minimal supervision.
Major Responsibilities:
• Patient intake and workup, following standardized protocol.
• Sensorimotor examination of patients and adults.
• Visual assessment of non-verbal patients.
• Binocular vision assessment using stereo testing.
• Ocular alignment assessment using all methods available including prism and cover, single cover, simultaneous prism and cover, Maddox rod, Hirschberg, Krimsky, and Bielschowsky three step method.
• Proficiency in vergence amplitude measurements for phoric deviations, both vertical and horizontal.
• Development and execution of treatment plans for amblyopia, diplopia, and other forms of strabismus in accordance with the referring ophthalmologist.
• Press on prism and sphere application.
• Advanced lensometry, including measurements of prism in glasses.
• Knowledge of visual malingering and the tests necessary to make the diagnosis.
• Retinoscopy and refractometry.
• Assisting with in-office procedure for adjustable suture.
• Communicates prescriptions and refills to pharmacies and documents in patients charts.
• Knowledge of equipment and instrument maintenance/calibration.
• Patient / parent counseling and education as needed.
• Awareness of patient flow issues and ability to maintain efficient clinical flow.
• Scribing as needed via electronic health records.
• Answer and return phone calls and write scripts as requested by physicians and other departments.
Additional Responsibilities:
• Effectively understands billing protocol and codes route slips accordingly.
• Works well within the confines of the ophthalmic clinical team.
• Facilitate patient experience by assisting physician in overall patient care.
• Work within the confines of the Eye Center team by assisting other departments with answers to questions, patient triage, etc.
• Maintain a professional demeanor, including dress and work conversation.
• Understand and solve patient complaints.
• Maintain effective working relationships with other staff and doctors.
• Maintains all pertinent work certifications.
• Other duties as assigned.
Performance/Skills Requirements:
• Superior customer service skills.
• Excellent organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail.
• Effectively and empathetically communicate in both oral and written formats.
• Fluency in Spanish a plus.
• High school diploma or equivalent.
• BA or BS degree.
• American Orthoptic Council certification.
• COT/COMT certified preferred.
• Preferably 1-year experience in ophthalmic practice.
• Maintain certification in CPR.
• Prior experience in a fast paced medical office and in electronic health record preferred.
Physical Demands:
• Ability to be on feet for long periods of time.
• Ability to lift up to 25 pounds.
• Ability to raise hands and arms to shoulder level without restriction, pain, or discomfort.
• Ability to perform extended use of phones and computer terminals, as well as diagnostic equipment without pain or discomfort.

I understand and accept the responsibilities that are defined in the Orthoptist job description.

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