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Orthoptist Certifying Examinations

Candidates completing AOC Orthoptic Fellowship Programs must have the approval of their supervising orthoptist to sit the exams.

International orthoptists must meet requirements listed in the guidelines.   

The certifying exams are given in two parts: the written exam must be successfully completed prior to sitting the oral/practical exams.

JUNE: A written exam, [now electronic through Pearson Vue Testing Centers] will be scheduled, with our staff liaison,  to be taken during the month of June; location, date and time chosen by the candidate.

  • Pearson Vue testing centers are all over the world
  • Chosen testing center may differ from Orthoptic Program location
  • International candidates may take the exam in their country

Oral/Practical Exam: date/location varies annually: August to October.

     2020 Oral/Practical exam: SATURDAY, August 22nd in Philadelphia, PA

Exam applications go out in mid February by email:

Contact us if you want to take the exams and:

  • you are not currently in an Orthoptic Program
  • you are foreign orthoptist eligible to take the AOC certifying exams
  • you are an orthoptist who let your certification lapse

For more information or to discuss your eligibility to take the AOC Orthoptist Certifying Examinations, contact:

           Leslie France: [email protected]  or 608 233-5383

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