Board Election - 2021

The following candidates have been submitted by the AACO Nominating Committee for the offices listed.  They will take office at the end of the National Business Meeting this fall.  Each candidate has been asked to provide their CV and a paragraph offering additional background and reasons why they are interested in serving in office, as well as a photo.  Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Voting will be done by electronic ballot (except for those members who have requested paper ballots).  Ballots will be distributed to voting members ("Active" members in good standing) shortly after the June 30 deadline for membership renewal, and all votes must be cast within 30 days.  Your official ballot will clearly indicate when the election concludes.  The candidate with a majority of votes cast by the end of the 30 days will be declared the winner.  If no candidate for a particular office achieves a majority, a run-off election will be conducted among the top two vote-getters.  The election will be tabulated by the AACO administrative office under the supervision of the president, and results will be announced shortly after the conclusion of the election.

Submitted by:
     Patricia F. Jenkins, CO

     Chair, AACO Nominating Committee

The following offices are to be elected in 2021:   

Secretary (2-year term)


Nina Apple, CO

 Treasurer (3-year term)


Salvatore Bellante, CO


Kaila Bishop, OC(C), CO, COMT


Nicholas Sala II, CO, COA

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