Thursday, June 28, 2018 08:44 AM

Board Election (re-vote information) - 2019

The following candidates have been submitted by the AACO Nominating Committee for the offices listed.  They will take office at the end of the National Business Meeting this fall.  Each candidate has been asked to provide their CV and a paragraph offering additional background and reasons why they are interested in serving in office, as well as a photo.  Names are listed in alphabetical order by office.

Voting will be done by electronic ballot (except for those members who have requested paper ballots).  Please refer to the voting instructions email you received for specifics about how to cast your vote using the "ranking" method.  Voting continues for 30 days from the distribution of the electronic ballots.  Thus, this election will conclude at midnight (Central Daylight Time) on September 22, 2019.  

Submitted by:
     Patricia F. Jenkins, CO

     Chair, AACO Nominating Committee

The following offices are to be elected at this time.  One candidate per office will be elected. 

Secretary (2-year term)


Lindsay Klaehn


Laura May


Nina Palomba


Samantha Pape


Ann Vines


AOC Representative (4-year term)

Heath Barto

Terra Haller

Emily Miyazaki

Sally Murray

Wanda Pfeifer

Jonathan Russell