2020 National Meeting
Presenter Toolkit

Thank you for your participation in the 2020 AACO "Virtual" National Meeting.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to present during our first online annual conference.  We all are facing challenges this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, and with your help, the program committee is confident the 2020 National Meeting will be a huge success.

This webpage is intended to provide you with some resources and information to make your participation in the virtual meeting less stressful and, hopefully, a positive experience.  Please take a few minutes to review the information below, even if you have previously participated in online meetings.

  • While most of our speakers are presenting "live" during one or more of our sessions, there are a few who are submitting a recorded version of their talk.  We have prepared fact sheets (PDF documents) for both of these categories.  We strongly encourage you to review this information in detail as it will help to ensure a successful and problem-free session.
  • Technical Notes - Live Presentations
    • We are using "Zoom Webinar" for all of our sessions.  This means that every live presenter must have a unique Zoom sign-in link.  We will be sending this to you during the week before the conference (sometime the week of November 9).
      • All "live" presenters should plan to take part in one of our practice sessions.  We strongly recommend this, even for those who are experienced Zoomers.  The program chairs will contact you to schedule your practice session.  Here's when they are scheduled:
        • Thursday, November 5 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time
        • Saturday, November 7 between 12 noon and 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time
    • On the day of your session, the "host" will promote you to the "panelist" level in Zoom.  This will enable you to access your audio, webcam and screen-sharing capabilities.  You will receive detailed instructions about this before the conference. 
      • If your presentation is later in the day, you can just stay logged in as an attendee and we will promote you before your session.  If you are speaking during the first session of the day, plan to log-in at least 15 minutes before the start of the session so we can get all of the presenters promoted to the panelist level before we start.  
    • Each live presenter will show their slides from their own computer by sharing the screen.
    • Your Internet connection is important!  Be sure you have sufficient "bandwidth" to accommodate your online presentation.  If originating from your home, ask others in your household to stay off the Internet while you give your talk.  Somebody watching Netflix or playing an online game could cause your presentation to freeze.
    • Consider the environment for your presentation.  Minimize background noise, assure that there is adequate light on your face when using your webcam so you don't look like you're in the witness protection program, and put the camera on your computer at eye-level.
    • DO NOT TRY TO GIVE YOUR PRESENTATION ON A SMARTPHONE!  Please, just use a computer this one time!
    • If you are used to having your notes visible when giving a PowerPoint presentations (such as in "presenter's view"), this feature will be available to you when sharing your screen on Zoom only if you have two monitors set up on your computer.  Here is an article about screen sharing on the Zoom knowledge base website.
    • All live presenters are asked to send us a copy of your PowerPoint file as a "backup" just in case... 
      • If your file is relatively small, just send it as an email attachment to:  [email protected] 
      • For larger files (too big to email), upload your file using our Hightail service.  CLICK HERE to access the upload webpage... it's really easy.
    • Review the "technical requirements" section of the live presenters fact sheet.  There are some important notes that, if followed, will help you to have flawless presentation
  • Technical Notes - Recorded Presentations
    • First, even if your presentation will be shown from a recording, if you are attending any of the conference sessions "live" (i.e., just to watch the other presentations), you will need to have a webinar sign-in link which you will receive after registering for the conference.
    • All recordings will be saved to the conference "host" computer.  We will then play the recording at the appointed time.
    • Upload your recording no later than Wednesday, November 4 at 5 p.m. Eastern time.  This will allow us to test and organize all of the recordings for a smooth presentation during the conference.
      • Upload using our Hightail service -- click on this THIS LINK to access it (it's easy and reliable)
      • DO NOT use Google Drive, Dropbox or any other file transfer service!
    • Making your recording . . .  You have a few options: 
      • Record your voice and slide timing in PowerPoint and save the file with those factors
      • Record as noted above and export the file to a video file (MP4 or m4v format)
      • If you have access to a Zoom account, you may record your presentation in Zoom; then download the recording and send it to us.  This has the advantage of looking like all of the other "live" presentations.  Note - AACO is not able to help you prepare this.
  • Zoom Resources -- If you are not familiar with giving presentations in Zoom Webinar, we have posted some links below.  Please note that we will be using the Zoom "webinar" platform which is slightly different from the regular Zoom meeting system.
    • Coming Soon

Entering the Conference as a Presenter

All of the program speakers and participants will be registered for the conference as an "attendee."  This will give you access to the sessions over all three days of the meeting.  When it is time for the session where you are presenting, the host will "promote" you to the Panelist level which then allows you to use your webcam and audio, and to share your screen.  

If you are speaking during the first session of the day, we recommend that you log-in about 10-15 minutes before the meeting starts so we can make you a panelist at the beginning of the session.  If you are presenting later in the day, we'll promote you from "attendee" to "panelist" during the break immediately preceding that session.  

The video below is a short demonstration about how to sign-in to the conference and what will happen when we promote you.  We also show how to share your screen.  These are the basics, but we will cover this in detail during the presenter practice sessions.

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